Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Majid Ali
2 min readJan 1, 2021

Hello guys, I am Majid Ali and I am here for another interesting blog.

Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro is a personal experiment that I have conducted for experiencing the result from Pomodoro technique. Here Eat that Frog is basically a book which deals with different ways to stop procrastinating and using our time more productively. Frog here symbolizes the distractions that create hindrance in our way to accomplish a certain task within time. We can eat that frog with Pomodoro i.e., a tomato, means by using timer and keenly focusing on our task, we can manage to overcome and get rid of those distractions.

This experiment includes the following steps

1. Decide on the task to be done (for example, complete Section 3 of this my online tutorial).

2. Set the Pomodoro timer (alarm) to 25 minutes.

3. Work on the task until the timer rings. If a distraction pops into your head, write it down, but immediately get back on the task.

4. After the timer tings, put a star (or a tick) on a piece of paper.

5. Take a short 3 to 5-minute break.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 4

7. After you have 4 ticks on your paper, you can take a longer break (15–20 minutes), and continue working on your task by going to step 1 until you complete your task.

It was an outstanding experience and this technique proved very easy for me to act upon. This technique helped me a lot to work on my task with more concentration and I completed my task effectively in only 75 minutes. If I didn’t use this technique, I would take 4 to 5 hours to complete this task. By now I decided to use this technique regularly as it works for task. By will try to increase the time duration for Pomodoro for myself when I will get full command on using this technique with 25 minutes timer.