Fixing stuff around yourself

Majid Ali
2 min readDec 18, 2020

I was sitting in a room when I had asked to do an activity. In this activity, I had to take a picture of my surrounding. I have taken the picture of my surrounding which is given below.

Then I had asked to take a look at your surrounding which I think should not be there. I look at the surrounding and suddenly saw a cup which I thought should not be there. Then I had asked to put it in the place where I think it should be. I brought it into the kitchen and came back. Then I had asked to again take the picture of the surrounding. I did so.

Then I had asked to tell my feeling after completing the course. I said, “it is a nice experience to do this activity without any authority and I do not do this if I has not asked to do so because I am bit lazy”. This activity has helped me a lot to flourish my leadership skills. I have learnt that a leader is a life-long learner. These daily routine tasks also a part of leadership.

Thanks in advance! and waiting for your priceless comments and suggestions.