Majid Ali
2 min readDec 18, 2020

The Amal Fellowship has given me a task this week to write three tasks about one of my SMART goals which I have done to achieve it. I have noted these goals which I am sharing with you.

I have chosen the first goal of making a big network in network marketing at the end of this month because I want to able to earn while studying. I want to pay my expenses by my earnings. I have completing the following tasks this week.

1- I have made a list of people that can invest

2- I have contacted them one by one personally

3- I have opened their account.

In the past, I have approached a lot of people for network marketing and they have rejected my proposal saying that it is a fake company and it is interest which is haram. But I have not loosed hope and overcome these problems. In this week, I have faced problems of sending money to broker and converting rupees to dollars and then dollars to Bitcoin. I have a good experience in handling the people. It has increased my leadership skills. I have learnt a lot from this experience. I have learnt that nothing is impossible for you if you have a will power and passion. From now, I have become more mature. I will visit to other cities to build a strong network.

Thanks in advance! and waiting for your priceless comments and suggestions.