Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight

Majid Ali
4 min readFeb 28, 2021

Finally, here time comes to the end of Fellowship and I was feeling happy and bad at the same time just because feeling good that I have learned so many new things and will implement all these things in making my career beautiful and successful. Feeling bad because AMAL Fellowship is going to an end. It was a great experience for me to learn such beautiful things that I can nowhere learn all of these.

The session was full of joy, entertainment, and was full of enthusiasm. I learned a lot from this Fellowship. I heard many times the word AMAL from my university fellows that they are doing Amal fellowship, but I was thinking that it is normal, but believe me, it is the most fantastic, useful, information, full of joy, energetic, and worlds best Fellowship I have ever done.

At the very first day when it was my first day, I was confused that what will happen, how I face people, how I will talk to my trainers, but with the passage of time, this fellowship made this possible for me that now I can speak in front of an audience, I can solve issues and problem by thinking out of the box. I can make work more productive by working in a team. So, there are many things I have improved like communication.

I want to say that it was not for learning new things for our professional career growth but it is also for making new connections with different new people. Before AMAL I had hardly 3 to 4 friends who were not enough for me to work in a team.

But after this fellowship, I have many helping hands and friends who are really supportive of me. It is very important to make new connections socially as well as in-person because it helps us in many things.

Due to the pandemic attack of Corona Virus, our onsite session converted into the online session which was new for me and it had never happened like that we had taken any online course like this. At first, it was frustrating to me that what the hell is going on, but then I thought it is the only way I can spend my time in these useful activities to gain something because it is better to gain something instead of nothing. So, without wasting my time I concentrated on it and made it my habit to take online courses as well as online sessions. It was a great experience for me to take an online session just because our trainers were so cooperative and hardworking, they did a lot of hard work to make this session successful.

I was lacking behind so many things for my professional Career but now I think I have learned all of those and feeling so much happy. I’ve learned so many things in this AMAL Fellowship like Problem Solving, team working, Creative thinking, Time management, Communication skills, Positive Attitude, to be humble with everyone, Hardworking and so on but the most important thing that I learned is how to lead the things in a positive way. How to speak in a professional way? how to manage things? how to make productive things? how to achieve goals?

There are many things which we have learned in this fellowship. There are thousands of words, I want to write but I cannot write it here all.

Finally, I want to say that we have to start our new journey by implementing all skills and things we have learned in the AMAL fellowship. We have to make social connections, get in touch with each other, we have to think out of the box while solving any problem. We have to implement AMAL PRINCIPLES. We have to help each other.

I want to say thanks to my mentors and trainers who did a lot for me and helped me a lot in polishing my skills. I want to say thanks to my Program Manager Ma’am Rabea Maqsood and Ma’am Zarafshan Zameer for Entertaining us in this AMAL Fellowship. I also would like to say thanks to my fellows who helped me a lot in all group activities.