Visualizing your experience

Majid Ali
2 min readFeb 28, 2021

What was your passion for the first two weeks of the fellowship?

My passion before the fellowship and for the first two weeks was like, Imran khan before the election 2018. So, Imran Khan is the person who reminds me of the first two weeks of the fellowship. I did the first two sessions in a very jolly mood.

What was your experience after the two weeks?

There was a great learning environment around me. I had stuck because of my daily routine. The routine was consist of University, Academy etc. So I decided that I would give a little time to this fellowship. But I was on the wrong path. After this, I decided that I would continue this fellowship with great energy.

What were the things that you learned in two weeks?

I was completely book worm; didn’t know about the skills, attitudes, personality, mind grooming, etc.

The things that I learned during the first two weeks are:

  1. Amal values
  2. How to get closer to your goals
  3. Gratitude
  4. Communication skills
  5. How to think the difference (finding ‘why’)
  6. Group tasks
  7. How to Support each other
  8. How to interact with the new person

What did you discover about yourself in this journey?

I can perform well in a group form. Before this, I prefer to do work alone but I learned in this journey how to flow with a group. I realized that I could perform well in a group that I had not done before.

Overall the journey was great, I have no words to describe my journey into words.

Amazing, superb, fantastic, mind-blowing!

Thank you for everything!